Survey Report

Beyond the Buzz: A Look at Large Language Models in Production

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The Large Language Model (LLM) hype train has reached full steam. But with all this excitement, the question remains: what does it take to successfully put LLMs into production and derive meaningful value?
To better understand how enterprises are adopting LLMs, we surveyed 150 executives, data scientists, ML engineers, developers, researchers, and product managers at both large and small organizations. The survey was conducted from May to July of 2023 with respondents representing 29 countries. The insights from the survey paint an interesting picture on what it takes to be successful with LLMs, the challenges that still exist, and recommendations moving forward.

In this whitepaper, we explore:
  • Motivations for investing in LLMs and the top use cases,
  • Key challenges faced when deploying LLMs into production,
  • The growing interest in and opportunity for open-source LLMs,
  • Methods for customization with a deep dive on fine-tuning.
By capturing the diverse opinions of industry professionals, we aim to provide insights into the current landscape of  LLM adoption and the opportunities these models present.

Download the Survey Report

Download the Survey Report